Mountain Top Mosaic: Lake Life Dog Collar, Water Resistant Dog Collar, Outdoor Adventure Dog Collar

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Mountain Top Mosaic: Lake Life Dog Collar, Water Resistant Dog Collar, Outdoor Adventure Dog Collar

This bold geometric design creates the perfect tile mosaic of deep navy teal, sky blue, light peach, royal blue, rich red, and sunshine yellow. This design was inspired by the bold shapes of nature, and the rich colours of the sky at sunrise and sunset.  Available in 1 inch and 1.5" widths - this pattern was designed exclusively for us by a Manitoba designer! 

What are Lake Life Products?

These are products that are inspired by life at the lake. Designed to be carefree, and destined to get messy.  These collars feature:

-Exclusive Designs: You won't find these designs anywhere else! We worked with a local Manitoba designer to get these designs just right, and we are so pleased with how they turned out!

- Polyester Webbing: These collars are made of sublimated polyester webbing.  Super strong with a low water absorption rate to fight stink and mildew. Simply rinse these collars off and they will look brand new!

- Military Grade Plastic Buckles: these buckles are so neat! They are designed to be anti-jam against dirt and sand.  Please note that these collars are offered exclusively with these buckles and will not be made with metal buckles.

- Faux Leather Tags: these can get wet, too!  Purchased from another Canadian small business. 

- Option for Stainless Steel D-Rings: We love these with the stainless steel d-ring - perfect for your water adventures! These collars have been photographed with the stainless steel d-ring. Stainless steel d-rings are considerably thicker and heavier than nickel plated steel d-rings, and are more difficult to attach tags onto.  Stainless steel d-rings may be too heavy for smaller pups. Please note that our regular d-rings are not water resistant and may be prone to rust overtime. We strongly recommend purchasing the stainless steel upgrade for our Lake Life line.  Please note these features to decide if this upgrade is right for you. 

Collar Sizes

Please consult our size guide to determine the perfect fit for your dog! Please note that not all widths are available in all sizes. Sorry - Lake Life designs are not available in 3/4 inch widths, or in size Extra Small. 

 Small                    10-14"
Medium                 13-17"
Large                     16-20"
Extra Large            19-23"


Please be sure to measure for the length AND width of your selected collar, as errors in either measurement may make the collar an improper fit for your dog.  Please note that the weight and size of the hardware increases as the width of the collar increases.

Your Dog's Safety

You know your dog best! Please review the features and usage of our products to determine if they are suitable for your pup. None of our products are designed to be used as outdoor tie-out devices, or in conjunction with tie-out devices. Our collars have been used with dogs of all shapes, sizes, and weights. If your dog loves to pull, please consider the use of a harness to better support your dog's health. Collars can be fashion accessories, too!

Returns & Exchanges
Please note that your purchase is not eligible for return or exchange.  Each item is custom made to your chosen width, style and hardware choices. This high level of customization, as well as high postage costs, limit the ability to offer returns and exchanges.

If you’re not sure about a size or width, I'm happy to help! Please contact me prior to placing your order.

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