Safety & Product Use

No products sold by Lewis & Clark Collar Co. are designed to be used as tie-out devices. Please do not use these collars or leashes to fasten your dog to a structure outdoors, or while left unattended.  We recommend taking your dog's collar off during play with other dogs (this includes while at doggie daycare). 

One of the product testers for Lewis & Clark Collar Co. is the real-life Clark - a 140 lb Great Dane. We can attest to the fact that these products are durable and strong, however, no dog product is indestructible. All of our collars are created using the following materials:

  • Hardware: All hardware used is metal. D-rings are welded or cast, slides are cast metal, and all leash snaps are heavy-duty and designed for use in heavy-duty applications, such as dog collars. Please note that TUNDRA and Lake Life collars feature plastic buckles.
  • Thread: All thread used is Gutterman thread, with specific zig-zag quadruple stitching on seams and stress points throughout the product.
  • Construction: Each collar has 2 layers of fabric, and 2 layers of heavy fusible interfacing. This bonds to the cotton fabrics and makes our collars feel nice and sturdy, while still soft to the touch. The interior of the collar is made of polyproprylene webbing, which is mold and mildew resistant.  TUNDRA and Lake Life Collars feature sublimated polyester webbing.

Despite these features, Lewis and Clark Collar Co. can not assume responsibility for natural wear and tear of our products over time.  As the collars have an exterior of cotton fabric, colours may fade over time. This is an anticipated and natural feature of cotton fabric. Regular washing in gentle detergent, and laying flat to dry, can help to extend the longevity of your collar.

Please note that none of our products are designed for use with outdoor tie-out systems. Our leashes and collars are not designed to be used with tie-outs, and doing so may cause damage to your products or injury to your pup.  Our leashes are designed to be used in the traditional way to walk your pups - please don't use our leashes with various hands-free, waist-attachment or other methods or use. 

Please note that metal buckles may scratch and dent over time. Please discontinue use of your metal buckle collar when you observe significant scratching and denting of the buckle. Please inspect your items regularly, and replace should you notice signs of wear that would affect the structural integrity of your purchase. 

No fabric dog collar or leash will withstand chewing from your pup, please monitor this. Collars can not be returned due to natural wear and tear, or chewing. 

By purchasing one of our items, you acknowledge that you have read and understood these policies. Lewis and Clark Collar Co. is not responsible for injury or harm to pet or human as a result of product use, or product ingestion.

You know your dog best, and only you can determine the suitability of a certain product for your pup. If you have a question about how a product may work with your dog, please feel free to message me.