Find Your Pup's Perfect Fit!

What are the sizes of your collars?

Extra Small: 8-12"

Small: 10-14"
Medium: 13-17"
Large: 16-20"
X-Large: 19-23"
XX-Large: 22-26"

I can also create collars larger than 26" at no additional cost. 

What size of collar should I get my dog?

There are two main factors to consider when picking a size for your dog.  You will need to consider the width of the collar, as well as the length. The width of the collar is just as important as the length of the collar.  The wider the collar, the bigger and heavier the hardware is.  Please keep this in mind when selecting a collar for your dog.

Please consult the Size Guide, below, to help determine which size of collar is best for your pup. Please note that the dog breed graphics may not be representative of your dog's size, even if your dog is that breed. 

If you have questions about sizing, please send me a message prior to ordering. I can also create custom size ranges if you have a growing pup.