Pumpkin Patch Leash, Autumn Equinox Leash, Water Resistant Dog Leash

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Water-resistant and anti-stink Dog Leashes - ready for your adventures! 

These leashes are created out of a full length of the Equinox webbing. These leashes do not have a fabric handle like our other leashes, but have all of the other features that you love & appreciate about Lewis and Clark Leashes. The benefit of these leashes is that they are all webbing - everything can easily be rinsed clear for care-free adventures.  

    Timelines & Shipping

    Please note that these items are made to order, and are subject to a 2-4 week creation time + shipping time. Each item is handmade, and we take pride in creating your items. Item quantities are limited, and orders will be fulfilled in the order that they are placed. In the event that your chosen print is sold-out, you will be contacted as soon as possible and offered a full refund, or an alternate print of your choice. Thank you for your support & understanding!

    Please note that this listing is for the purchase of a single leash. Matching collars and key fobs are available for purchase separately. 

      Features of Equinox Leashes:

      • Steel Plated Aluminum D-Ring is conveniently equipped on all leashes, perfect for clipping poop-bags and other adventure essentials
      • New: your choice of trigger snap or bolt snap closure
      • Full length of Equinox patterned sublimated polyester webbing (different than our regular leashes which feature a fabric handle and solid nylon webbing; Equinox leashes feature the full length of webbing for the entire leash)
      • Leashes come in 1" width only - please note that the width and weight of these leashes may be too heavy for small dogs. Please determine if a Equinox Leash is appropriate for your pup.

      Design Your Equinox Leash!

      Step 1: Choose your leash length

      You are selecting the total length of the leash (which includes the nylon webbing and fabric handle).  Please note that all Equinox leashes are 1 inch wide.

      Step Two: Choose your leash functionality - Choose between a Single Leash or Signature Traffic Loop Leash

      Single Leash: This is a traditional leash, featuring a fabric handle, attached to a length of nylon webbing, integrated d-ring to carry poop bags, and all metal hardware. 

      Signature Traffic Loop Leash:  My personal favourite product!  Gone are the days of having a traffic lead and a regular lead. Our leashes do both! A regular leash when you want it, and a traffic lead when you need it. Perfect for large and giant breed dogs.  This is also a useful training tool for reactive dogs, dogs who pull on their leashes, or dogs with short attention spans. Our sleek design ensures no bulk, and no dangling pieces when the traffic handle is not in use. 

      Please note that this product is not typically effective for small and medium breed dogs, as the traffic handle is approximately 18" (that's a long way to bend to reach that on a small/medium dog).

      Step Three: Choose your snap type

      Your leash will automatically come with a trigger snap. If you would prefer a bolt snap, please leave me a note in the message to seller at checkout. 

      Step Four: Choose your Equinox Print

      Choose your print! See the labeled photos for webbing names, then select your favourite from the drop-down menu. Please note that all Equinox leashes feature one continuous length of Equinox webbing, so your leash will be all the same single print that you choose.  

      What are Equinox Products?

      -Exclusive Designs: You won't find these designs anywhere else! We worked with a local Manitoba designer to get these designs just right, and we are so pleased with how they turned out!

      - Polyester Webbing: These collars are made of sublimated polyester webbing.  Super strong with a low water absorption rate to fight stink and mildew. Simply rinse these collars off and they will look brand new!

      - Silicone Tags: these can get wet, too! 

      Your Dog's Safety

      We encourage the use of our leashes for your summer adventures with your pup. Whether that be strolling around your neighbourhood, out camping, or playing at the beach. Please note that none of the products designed by Lewis & Clark Collar Co., including leashes, are designed for tie-out purposes. Please don't use these products to tie your dog up outdoors, and do not leave your dog unattended while using these products.  These products are exclusively designed to be used to walk your dog in the traditional manner (do not use these with a hands-free system). Improper use of leashes may result in damage to purchased item, or injury to your pup. 

      You know your dog best! Please review the features and usage of our products to determine if they are suitable for your pup. 

      Returns & Exchanges
      Please note that your purchase is not eligible for return or exchange.  Postage costs & being a one-person shop, as well as COVID-19 precautions, do not facilitate any returns or exchanges on any of our products. 

      If you’re not sure about a size or width, I'm happy to help! Please contact me prior to placing your order. 


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