About Us

Lewis & Clark Collar Co. creates hand-crafted dog collars and leashes, with a focus on function and durability. Every item you see on my site is handmade by me, Katie!  I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, with my two beloved dogs - Lewis the Shih-tzu Poodle, and Clark the Great Dane. 

Clark was rescued at 18 months, and had been in two homes prior to reaching his forever home with us.  Upon learning that this beautiful Great Dane would be joining our home, I bought him an adorable collar.  As dapper as it was, Clark destroyed his new collar within one week.  After destroying a few more collars, I decided to try to make him his own.  What began as collars for Clark, became collars for Lewis, and has grown to become collars for dogs all across the world. 

Facts about Katie:

- has a full-time day job in healthcare

- favourite food is popcorn

- enjoys all things stationery (especially pens and notebooks)

Facts about Lewis:

- boss of Clark

- favourite object is a squeaky rooster toy

- enjoys chasing wild turkeys

Facts about Clark:

- has his own twin sized mattress (purchased from a human mattress store)

- 140 pounds, eats 6 cups of food a day, does not own/wear a saddle

- favourite food is Winnipeg snow

Clark & Katie

Lewis & Katie