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Start Designing Your Semi-Custom Leash!

1) Choose your preferred handle

This includes the handle fabric AND the colour of hardware that will be used throughout the leash. This can not be substituted. 

2) Choose your leash length

This leash features a fabric handle, attached to a length of nylon webbing.  You are selecting the total length of the leash (which includes the nylon webbing and fabric handle). 

3) Choose between a Single and Signature Double Handled Leash

Single Handled: This is a traditional leash, featuring a fabric handle, attached to a length of nylon webbing, integrated d-ring to carry poop bags, and all metal hardware. 

Signature Double-Handled:  My personal favourite product!  Gone are the days of having a traffic lead and a regular lead. Our leashes do both! A regular leash when you want it, and a traffic lead when you need it. Perfect for large and giant breed dogs.  This is also a useful training tool for reactive dogs, dogs who pull on their leashes, or dogs with short attention spans. Our sleek design ensures no bulk, and no dangling pieces when the traffic handle is not in use. 

Please note that this product is not typically effective for small and medium breed dogs, as the traffic handle is 18" (that's a long way to bend to reach that on a small/medium dog).


4) Webbing Colour

This is for the main body of your leash, and is made from heavy nylon webbing. Select a coordinating colour to the fabric you've selected for your leash handle. Please note that I have tried to represent all colours accurately, however, colours may appear differently based on your viewing settings. 

Your Dog's Safety

You know your dog best! Please review the features and usage of our products to determine if they are suitable for your pup. None of our products are designed to be used as outdoor tie-out devices, or in conjunction with tie-out devices. Our collars and leashes have been used with dogs of all shapes, sizes, and weights. If your dog loves to pull, please consider the use of a harness to better support your dog's health. Collars can be fashion accessories, too!

Returns & Exchanges
Please note that your purchase is not eligible for return or exchange.  Each item is custom made to your chosen width, style and hardware choices. This high level of customization, as well as high postage costs, limit the ability to offer returns and exchanges.

If you’re not sure about a size or width, I'm happy to help! Please contact me prior to placing your order.


All orders ship using Canada Post. Sorry, local pick-up options are not available at this time. 

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